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Thank You For Your Support

I would like to thank everyone that supporting me in the race for the District 6 Common Council seat in the City of Madison.  Unfortunately we were not successful this time.  Earlier this evening I extended my congratulations to my opponent, Marsha, in person at the Harmony Bar.

Meeting so many creative and active people in the district was definitely a highlight of the past 5 months.  Our district has the pulse of the next generation of Madison and the urban environment that we are all growing into.  It is unfortunate that the campaign became focused on a mailing from an outside group, and ironic since a main reason for my decision to run was to combat negativity in the district and to highlight the positives that we all contribute to our community.

All of my friends, family and supporters – you are all so very special to me will always be cherished.  And you will all be seeing me again.

Thank you,



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